At Bathtub Man Hawaii we provide the highest quality of work available by fully insured, highly skilled, professional technicians. We are the best locally owned, trusted, and insured bathtub refinishing company in Hawaii. We have been refinishing bathtubs in Hawaii now for over 20 years.

John T. Kott invented porcelain reglazing, known as bathtub refinishing/reglazing over 60 years ago in 1953. He is the founding father of bathtub refinishing. I had the privilege of 4 years of an extensive range of training, education, and skill development from the Kott family and professionally trained one on one with the best of the best. After 4 years of training with them i studied and trained with different bathtub companies and franchises all throughout California for over 2 years to learn what techniques and products they used and to gain as much knowledge about bathtub refinishing as i could before i came back to Hawaii to start my own business. I have now been refinishing bathtubs for over 20 years and i put that knowledge to use everyday and still keep learning.Now after more than 20 years in my own business, I still do all my own work. Why? Because I would much rather know that every job my company does is done right and what better way to do that is to do the job myself. I enjoy what I do and use all the highest grade materials found in bathtub reglazing industry, bar none. I can promise you true professional workmanship and honest quality work. I take pride in my work and in every job I do. Any fool can know, the point is to understand.You might say I’m old school but believe me, you can trust that i will take every step in this process to make sure your tub will last many years. You’re about to be amazed! I guarantee it.

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I did not want to join a franchise because they only carry 1 coating & only use 1 type of product, as most bathtub refinishers in Hawaii do. We have several to choose from. With Bathtub Man Hawaii, you get the right coating for your application and exact circumstance. It would be the same as wanting the best gourmet meal you could get or find anywhere…. you will not find that at a franchise where everybody is getting the same exact thing. Bathtub Man Hawaii is always searching for the best product available because technology is always improving. It keeps getting better year after year. We test and compare all of the bathtub refinishing products that are available and used in the market today. They are tested for gloss, flexibility, impact, adhesion, water immersion, abrasion, to see if the coatings are impervious or resistant to dirt stains, acids, solvents, and petroleum fuels. Bathtub Man Hawaii has embraced the upgrade to the next level of industrial coatings and uses the best, most versatile coatings in the bathtub, tile, and countertop refinishing industry.