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Bathtub Man Hawaii specializes in affordable walk-thru bathtub conversions which make it easier for any person with limited mobility get in and out of the tub safely and easily. Our conversion process is fully customizable for any size or type of bathtub, and saves over 80% of the typical costs associated with tearing out, and rebuilding a shower.

  • Lowers step-over height for Safe and Easy access
  • Seamless watertight construction
  • Completed on any type of tub
  • Eliminates the need to rip out the existing tub.
  • Installed on the existing tub.
  • Reduces the possibilities of falls.
  • Not a cheap and flimsy tub liner
  • Custom made and sized for each tub
  • Lifetime manufacture’s warranty
  • Ready to use the next day!

The elderly can regain independence with walk through tub conversions. Each year in Hawaii, countless members of the elderly community suffer serious injuries after experiencing mobility related accidents within the home. One of the leading causes of such accidents is bathtubs with sides built too high for the resident to safely step over. To alleviate the risk and emotional toll involved, Bathtub Man Hawaii invites residents to invest in bathtub conversion allowing for safer movement at home.
Bathtub conversion, a process that removes a portion of one’s existing bathtub, creating a seamless opening, has greatly improved the quality of independent living for the elderly. As the only company in Hawaii dedicated to bathtub conversions, Bathtub Man Hawaii ensures every customer a custom-made, noninvasive process from beginning to end.

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small walkthrough tub
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Instead of reconstructing the entire bathtub from ground up, bathtub conversion requires little to no demolition and there is minimal interference to the resident’s normal routine. Most jobs take one day to complete and the bathtub can be used the very next day. The bathtub conversion process can be done on any type of bathtub material such as fiberglass, cast iron or steel.
For more information or to arrange an estimate, call Bathtub Man Hawaii at 945-2284.