Are dull, worn, chipped, or cracked kitchen and bathroom surfaces tarnishing the image of your hotel or resort? The good news is: Bathtub Man Hawaii has the answer.

Tired old-looking bathrooms have a negative impact on guest/tenant satisfaction and can lead to poor feedback on sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp, and other online review sites. Failing to address these issues can not only damage your reputation, but also your future revenue. Give your guests the beautiful, clean rooms they’ll love. We know that hotel rooms take a lot of abuse. But we can upgrade them without costly, time-consuming renovations! We’ve completed a lot of refinishing projects for hotels of all sizes, so we understand what’s important—affordability, quick turnaround, and beautiful results!

Bathtub Man Hawaii’s refinishing process is significantly more economical than replacement—and we can often return your rooms to service in about 24 hours. We repair and refinish all types of bath and kitchen surfaces, including porcelain, Formica, fiberglass, and cultured marble. Our finishes are guaranteed against peeling and adhesion failure. We also specialize in affordable walk-thru bathtub conversions, provide slip-resistant surfaces for bathroom safety and install new drain/overflow kits. Bathtub refinishing/restoration is usually the best option for facilities that are doing anything less than a complete renovation:

  • Refinishing/Restoration typically costs about 80% less than the cost of replacement.
  • Work done in one day, and the fixture is ready for use the next day.
  • Minimal disruption to other tenants or guests. There is no dust, and very little noise.
  • We offer multiple solutions and will recommend the one best suited to your property.
  • We expertly work around your property’s constraints and nuances.
  • We accommodate your time-table and occupancy patterns.
  • We offer ideas and solutions for renewing or updating bathrooms and kitchens.
  • We clean up everything. No mess is left behind.
  • We offer a competitive commercial price schedule
  • Whether you need a completely new look or just a few chips repaired, Bathtub Man Hawaii is ready to help.

Bathtub Man Hawaii offers four different services, each with unique benefits to our commercial clients:

• 2-Hour Cure Low-VOC solvent-based coating – Tried and true coating that most closely emulates porcelain with a rich glossy sheen.

• Commercial solvent-based coating – Our recommended coating for most high use commercial facilities. This coating is rated for 24/7 water immersion and is stronger and more durable than traditional poly-urethane based coatings. It is used in large water parks, public swimming pools, and spas. Marriott International recently mandated the use of this coating in every Marriott hotel worldwide when bathtubs need to be refinished. Minimum cure time is 12 hours.

• No-odor water-based coating – An excellent option for facilities with poor ventilation or in places where there can’t be any disruption in smell.
No-spray restoration – uses our proprietary technique to restore a fixture to “nearly new” condition. Excellent option for fixtures in high-traffic locations that are worn but in otherwise good condition.

Contact us today for more information on how we can improve your property and bottom line.