Commercial Coating

Our Commercial Coating is far more durable than ANY residential grade coating. This is the only coating we use in hotels and apartment complexes where you need a coating that will stand up to the rigors of potentially abusive tenants or guests. This product has been field tested by hundreds of companies in the most severe environments. Our heavy duty, commercial grade, industrial coating is rated for 24/7 underwater use and is used at SeaWorld, water parks, swimming pools, off shore oil rigs that are below the waterline in salt water and other high stress, high use environments that require the best adhesion and encapsulation available. Marriott International recently mandated the use of this coating in every Marriott Hotel worldwide when bathtubs need to be refinished. This coating will never peel or delaminate. It has a deep porcelain-like wet look and a high depth of gloss. It is by far the best coating in the bathtub, tile, and countertop refinishing industry.
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2 Hour Poly-Glass Coating

This residential coating underwent rigorous lab and field testing for over 3 years, passing with high marks and enthusiastic feedback from coatings scientists and customers in test groups alike.
Not only is Poly-Glass legal and compliant with the government’s stricter volatile organic compound regulation, there’s no other coating in the refinishing industry that can compare with Poly-Glass performance, ease of use and quick turn around time. The quick cure coating is the greenest solvent-based bathtub reglazing coating on the market today.

Some other advantages are:

  • Lower odor coating when being applied.
  • Any lingering smell will disappear much faster.
  • 50% greater impact resistance than most refinishing coatings.
  • Dry to the touch in 4-6 minutes at room temperature means the coating is less vulnerable to dust and imperfections than other coatings.
  • Put the fixture back in service in 2 hours at normal room temperature.

Eco-Glaze “Green” Coating

Eco-Glaze is a water-based residential coating and is only available in “bright white” color. Because it is water based, there is very little smell. It requires a bit more technical difficulty to apply, so there is a extra charge for this coating. Water dries slower than solvents so your tub will be available for use 24 hours after we are finished. This is the perfect type of coating if you live in a condo where the windows wont open, the bathroom
has no type of ventilation fan and you need a coating applied with no smell.